Renovation (Non-Structural)


2950 Ben Weiner Dr



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The scope of work included in this permit shall be the changing finishes, replacing portions of a walkway handrail, reorganizing an individual use restroom, reorganizing non-load bearing walls, providing new lighting fixtures, and installing tiered seating.

Name Value
Construction Value 2908927
Existing Building Area (ft²) 61046
Construction Type Site Built
Number of Floors 2
New Construction/Addition Area(ft²) 16711
Existing Use Athletic Building
Proposed Use Athletic Building
Foundation Type Slab
Related Building Permit Number #23-34014-DEMI
Footprint >5,000 sq ft? True
Site area > 1 Acre? False
Total project sq ft > 40,000? False
Will any portion of the sidewalk be repaired? False
Expected Project Completion Date 7/3/2024 12:00:00 AM
Commercial Short Term Rental False
Total Number of Units 0
Number of Bedrooms 0
Number of Bathrooms 0.0
Kitchen Added False
Number of Existing Electrical Meters 1
Number of new Electrical Meters 0
Number of Existing Gas Meters 1
Number of New Gas Meters 0
Parcel Tax Bill Numbers 615211904
Addresses 2950 Ben Weiner Dr
Lot Number
Block Number TULAN
Square -1,109,112,115,118,121,132,2
Parcel ID Numbers
Elevation Requirement
Is In Historic District True
Is In Vieux Carré False
Is In Neighborhood Conservation District False
Subdivision AUDUBON
Zoning EC,HU-RS,HU-RD1
Historic District Name Uptown
Does Structure Encroach / Overhang Sidewalk or Public ROW False
Number of Bed Rooms per Dwelling Efficiency
Current Number of Units 0
Current Rental Price 0
Number of Proposed New Units 0
Price of Proposed Units 0
Sale or Rent N/A
Bed Rooms in New Units 0
Status Information
Name Complete Date
Application Submitted Yes 1/19/2024 10:22:54 AM
Zoning Review Yes 1/29/2024 2:02:56 PM
Application Review Yes 4/1/2024 11:19:58 AM
Plan Review Yes 4/1/2024 11:55:08 AM
Permit Approved Yes 4/1/2024 11:55:26 AM
Permit Issued Yes 4/1/2024 1:20:14 PM
Inspections Finaled No
Certificate of Occupancy No
Type Amount Paid
Building $14,605.00 Yes
Building Plan Review $2,909.00 Yes
Division Status Reviewer
Zoning Complete Todd Breckman
Permit Intake Complete Rene A Metoyer
Plan Review Complete Deron C Lee
Electrical Plan Review Complete Jay Dufour
Mechanical Plan Review Complete Jay Dufour
SWBNO Plumbing Riser Approved Michael A Evans
Type Date Status Inspection Items
Commercial Final C/O Documents Unscheduled
Commercial Final C/O Inspection Unscheduled
Rough Framing Unscheduled
Name License
Pangea Construction LLC


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Existing Documents
  • 2950 Ben Weiner frame 4-15-24 24-01502-rnvn NDC.pdf (4/15/2024)
  • 2950_Ben_Weiner-Framing-04_15_2024-24-01502-rnvn_-N_C.pdf (4/15/2024)
  • Building Permit.pdf (4/1/2024)
  • Receipt.pdf (4/1/2024)
  • AR-24-001332-021520241127 (2).pdf (3/27/2024)
  • 23035-A Tulane Wilson Athletic PH 2 MPFP Dwgs_NH_MR_ApprovedS&WB.pdf (3/14/2024)
  • 23077_TulaneWilsonCenterPhase2_MEP-Permit-Responses_20240306 (1).pdf (3/14/2024)
  • 23077_TulaneWilsonCenterPhase2_PERMITSET_COMBINED_20240117_rs2.pdf (1/19/2024)
  • AR-24-001332-021520241127 (1).pdf (3/14/2024)
  • RE_ Permit 24-01502-RNVN Renovation (Non-Structural) at 2950 Ben Weiner Dr - BACKFLOW APPROVED.msg (2/20/2024)
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