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Non-Commercial Short Term Rental


4904 Painters St



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Name Value
Type of Building Two-Family (Double)
Total Number of Bedrooms in Home 3
Total Number of Bedrooms Being Rented 3
Maximum Number of Guests 6
Partial or Whole Unit Whole Unit
Identity Owner
First and Last Name (Legal) Jiarra Rayford
Preferred Name (if different from legal name)
Primary Phone 504-638-0891
Secondary Phone 504-541-5484
Email Jiarra@RayfordRealtynola.com
Tax Address 4904 Painters Street
Operator Permit Number or Application Reference Code 23-OSTR-15338
Operator Permit Expiration Date 8/24/2024
Platform Name AirBnb
Listing URL https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/741523529695620876?guests=1&adults=1&s=67&unique_share_id=7749fe3b-fe52-49ac-a441-2ca1c80e9e88
Noise Abatement Plan Noise Monitor to measuer the noise level on the property Daily Check -In on the weekend & during high peak times No loud noise after 10pm Weekend or 11pm Weekends
Sanitation Plan Trash pick- up from the city are on Mondays and Friday. Guest are advised to put the trash out Sunday and Thursday Nights. We will ensure the trash cans are put out on trash days for city picks ups. Mondays are recycling days Daily Check -In on the
Operator will perform daily visual inspections of the property JR
Operator will ensure regular litter and trash collection JR
No outstanding taxes or liens JR
Compliance with City Minimum Property Maintenance and Building Codes JR
Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms JR
No contractual restrictions JR
Compliance with CZO and City Code Chapter 26 JR
Insurance JR
Non-discrimination JR
Initial all attestations JR
Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act JR
Americans with Disabilities Act JR
Square ID 50010144
Square Name 53
Type of operator Owner-occupant
Operator permit status Application Filed
Owner Training Day or Code 06/02/2023
Operator Training Day or Code 06/02/2023
Lottery Eligible
Lottery Date
Lottery Number Assignment
Lottery Rank
Number of Applications on Same Square
Status Information
Name Complete Date
Application Filed Yes 7/6/2023 7:13:28 PM
Lottery Eligibility Yes 8/17/2023 5:51:34 PM
NSTR Zoning Check Yes 8/17/2023 5:51:45 PM
NSTR Ownership Check Yes 8/17/2023 5:51:51 PM
NSTR Operator Check Yes 8/17/2023 5:51:56 PM
NSTR Disqualifying Factors Check Yes 8/17/2023 5:52:01 PM
NSTR Application Completeness Check Yes 8/17/2023 5:52:06 PM
NSTR Documents Check Yes 8/17/2023 5:53:32 PM
Lottery Checklist Review Yes 8/17/2023 5:53:49 PM
Count on Square Yes 8/17/2023 5:53:57 PM
Approved Yes 8/25/2023 10:19:22 AM
Issued Yes 8/25/2023 10:19:44 AM
Five-Day Payment Review Yes 8/25/2023 10:19:49 AM
Issued Yes 8/25/2023 10:31:21 AM
Expired No
Type Amount Paid
STR Application Fee $50.00 Yes
NSTR Permit Fee $500.00 Yes
Division Status Reviewer
NSTR Checklist Review Approved Zsatia X Willis
NSTR Checklist Review Paid Shone Francis


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Existing Documents
  • STR Placard.pdf (4/4/2024)
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