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Application Summary
Type: Demolition
Location: 1441 State St
Property Owner: Juanita W Bohn
Description: Demo Extend to September 18, 2022 Permit extended 180 day period to 3--17- 2023.
Created By: publicwebcrm
Status Information
Name Complete Date
Application Submitted Yes 7/16/2021
Application Review Yes 9/10/2021
Permit Approved Yes 9/10/2021
Sub-Permits Issued Yes 9/10/2021
Permit Issued Yes 9/23/2021
Inspections Finaled Yes 12/21/2022
Sub-Permits Finaled Yes 12/21/2022
Certificate of Completion Yes 12/21/2022
Type Amount Paid
Building $65.00 Yes
Building Permit Extension $65.00 Yes
Demolition $125.00 Yes
HDLC Review $62.50 Yes
HDLC Review $32.50 Yes
Division Status Reviewer
Permit Intake Complete (9/10/2021) Carl Davis
Review Comments
Division Status Comment
Permit Intake Resolved Permit Intake - Please upload all requested documents to your Onestopapp application.
Permit Intake Resolved Permit Intake - Please submit proof of ownership of the property that application is being filed for, such as the recent Act of Sale.
Permit Intake Resolved Permit Intake - The documents submitted will not open. Please resubmit your documents.
Permit Intake Resolved Please submit a copy of the Assessor’s Arial Map, with the subject property indicated. This attachment is available via:
Type Date Status
Final Building C/O 12/21/2022 12:00 PM Passed
General Inspection Unscheduled Unscheduled
Inspection Correction Items
Name License
Gulf States Construction
Name Value
Accessory Structure Only No
Demolition Cost 5,100.00
Rebuilding False
Reason for Demolition To build new home
Approximate time owned by current owner 1 week
Is there a redevelopment plan for the lot? True
Proposed new use new home
Plan for maintaining lot between demolition and redevelopment yes
Plan for keeping lot free of trash and weeds Yes
Applicant is Owner No
Applicant is Lessee No
Applicant is Contractor Yes
Applicant is Architect No
Applicant is Engineer No
Foundation No
Projected Vacant Time 30
Zoning HU-RD2
Historic District Name Uptown
Is In Historic District Yes
Is In Vieux Carré No
Is Landmark No
Council Approval Required for Demolition No
Council District A
Construction Value 5100
Existing Use Single Family Dwelling
Proposed Use Vacant Lot
Footprint >5,000 sq ft? No
Site area > 1 Acre? No
Total project sq ft > 40,000? No
Will any portion of the sidewalk be repaired? No
Construction Type Site Built
Expected Project Completion Date 5/18/2022
Total Number of Units 1
Parcel Tax Bill Numbers 615113209
Addresses 1441 State St
Square 29