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Application Summary
Location: 800 N Rendon St
Property Owner: Mcdonogh 31 LLC
Description: Demolish one-story annex building to former school.
Created By: ejhoran
Status Information
Name Complete Date
Permit Case Created Yes 6/16/2016
HDLC NO Hearing Yes 7/7/2016
Completeness Review Yes 7/11/2016
HDLC NO ARC Meeting Yes 7/19/2016
HDLC NO Hearing Yes 8/4/2016
Certificate Drafted Yes 5/16/2017
Permit Issued Yes 5/16/2017
Type Amount Paid
Division Status Reviewer
Historic District Landmarks Commission Complete (6/16/2016) Emily VanDoren
Review Comments
Division Status Comment
Historic District Landmarks Commission Resolved Defer action on this application until the next Commission meeting to provide the chance for the applicant to work with HDLC Staff to determine the best way to bring this gate into compliance with the Guidelines.
Historic District Landmarks Commission Resolved The ARC has no objections to the demolition and recommended conceptual approval of the proposal with the details to be worked out at the Staff level. Please submit final detailed drawings electronically to Staff reflecting the recommendations of the Architectural Review Committee for review. Following review, we will contact you regarding any errors, omissions, or changes. The approved drawings will then be transmitted internally to Safety & Permits for their review and permitting. As such, it is important that the final drawings are sufficient for review by both Departments.
Historic District Landmarks Commission Resolved The demolition of all or portions of historic resources within a local Historic District or on a Landmark site are considered drastic actions since they may alter the character of the area and surrounding buildings. Once historic resources or buildings that contribute to the heritage of the community are destroyed, they are impossible to reproduce, in particular their design, texture, materials and details, as well as the special character and interest those qualities add to the neighborhood. When reviewing demolition applications at properties located within a Historic District or at a Landmark site, the HDLC uses the following criteria in its evaluations: • The historic or architectural significance of the building or structure as designated by its "rating": This building is contributing. • The importance of the building or structure to the tout ensemble of the area: This building contributes to the surrounding neighborhood of primarily small-scale residential buildings as it is of similar scale, type, and period of construction. Although it is technically situated on a corner lot, the structure is set back from the street and is disassociated with the streetscapes on both sides. • The alternatives to demolition that have been evaluated and explored by the applicant: None are known. • The special character and aesthetic interest that the building or structure adds to the local Historic District or Landmark site: The building appears to have been constructed during the 1930’s and still has some original historic features intact, including some ridge tiles, brick chimneys, exposed rafter tails, and wood siding and trim. The building form is atypical and may have been altered at some point. The building’s primary importance is its relationship with the school. • The difficulty or impossibility of reproducing such a building or structure because of its design, texture, material or detail: The building still possesses some of its original materials, although it is not apparent what percentage of those materials could be salvaged during renovation. Using equivalent materials in contemporary construction would be costly. The overall building form and detailing, however, is simple and could likely be replicated. • The condition of the building or structure: On June 28th, 2016, HDLC Field Inspector Kelley Campbell inspected the exterior of the structure and found the building to be in good condition despite its neglect. The roof appears to be newer and is in very good condition. • The future utilization of the site: The applicant intends to construct five new single-family residences on the lot; however, no final redevelopment plans have been submitted. • The proposed mitigation measures such as, but not limited to, fencing, landscaping and maintenance contracts: The applicant plans to redevelop the site.
Historic District Landmarks Commission Open Approve the application for demolition. A Certificate of Appropriateness has been issued and has been submitted to Safety and Permits. Please contact that department for your demolition permit and a copy of the CofA.
Type Date Status
HDLC Info Request 6/28/2016 4:00 PM Under Review
Inspection Correction Items
Name License
Name Value
Is Landmark No
Parcel Tax Bill Numbers 207203416, 207203415, 207203413
Addresses 800 N Rendon St
Square 431
Parcel ID Numbers 830-NRENDONST, 5436, 815-NLOPEZST