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Application Summary
License Number: 18STR-00993
Type: Short Term Rental
Location: 1026 Brooklyn
Property Owner:
Description: Single family, 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, Commercial STR, owner.
Created By: publicwebcrm
License Group: Operational Permit
License Category: Location
Status Information
Name Complete Date
Application Filed Yes 1/17/2018
Application Review Yes 1/22/2018
Approved Yes 1/22/2018
Issued Yes 2/9/2018
Expired Yes 10/4/2019
Type Amount Paid
STR Licensing - Commercial $500.00 Yes
STR Licensing - Commercial ($500.00) Yes
STR Licensing - Commercial $500.00 No
Division Status Reviewer
Short Term Rental Complete (1/13/2018) Marquise Cooper
Review Comments
Division Status Comment
Type Date Status
Inspection Correction Items
Name Value
Type of Building Single Family Home
Total Number of Bedrooms in Home 5
Total Number of Bedrooms Being Rented 5
Maximum Number of Guests 10
License Type Commercial STR
First and Last Name (Legal) Kristin Palmer
Primary Phone (504) 388-0138
Zoning HU-MU